【最新版】FOVE SDK v0.18.0を正式リリースしました!

本日、FOVE SDKの最新版 v0.18.0とランタイムを正式リリースしました。








v0.18.0 変更点:

  • The calibration data format changed. Users should re-calibrate their existing profile(s).
  • Windows Media Foundation is now required to run FOVE. This normally comes with Windows, but Windows N users may need to install it separately.
  • Improved glass detection and the quality of glass eye tracking.
  • Improved eye blinks detection
  • Reduce power consumption and execution time of the eye tracking system.
  • Fixed orientation drift issue happening when the position camera was not connected.
  • Added an eye position adjustment graphic interface: if the headset slips enough that eye tracking is not possible anymore, the interface will popup and guide the user to fix the headset positioning.
  • Added user presence detection.
  • Fix eye camera blackout issue that was randomly happening from time to time at the launch of the Fove service.
  • Reduced the spriral calibration required data processing time.
  • Improve the smoothness the of the spiral calibration animation.
  • Added calibration failure when the result quality of the calibration is too low.
  • Improved the quality of the gaze depth estimation.
  • Improved the handling of the sleep mode (the service was crashing most of the time while wakening in previous versions).
  • Fixed the headset screen tearing issue that was happening when locking the Windows screen.
  • Improved the stability of the camera frames timestamp.
  • Fixed a few memory leakage issues.
  • Myriad of other bug fixes
  • Debug tool: add the possibility to fetch Hmd pose and gaze data passively only if available by unchecking header comboboxes.
  • Known Issue: Iris size from the SDK ResearchGaze struct is not working with this verison.


v0.18.0 SDK 変更点(開発者向け):

  • Added new calibration options: eye-by-eye calibration, one-point calibration and lazy calibration (replace previously existing EnsureEyeTrackingCalibration)
  • Added API to tick and be able to render the calibration process from a client application
  • Added calibration failure cause and success quatity through the newly introduced calibration state enum
  • Added getEyeShapes API to query the outline of the user eyes in the eye images.
  • Added a new “Scene” API for object detection by gaze, eliminating need for clients to handle ray-tracing on their own.
  • Added new FOVE_CALLBACK macro and various helpers for callback-based APIs
  • Renamed Headset.getIOD into Headset.getRenderIOD
  • C#: Added xml documentation file for the FoveClient_CLR dll
  • Added an API for controlling the profile system
  • Added an API to know if the user is currently wearing the headset
  • Added an API to know if the headset adjustment GUI is being displayed
  • Added an API to get, set or reset Fove config variables
  • Added an error code for license errors. Some new features are license locked (these are noted in comments / documentation)
  • Added python v3.8 bindings