FOVE VR Platform

All in one SDK for Eye Tracking in Virtual Reality


This is the download page for FOVE VR Platform. Professional/Enterprise users can unlock the features for each plan by entering the license code in the tray application.

FOVE VR Platform Setup

Once you have a headset, you can run the FOVE installer to set up the FOVE drivers to your computer.

Windows Installer

Ver. 1.0.2, Updated: 2021-03-24


This contains the drivers needed to run the headset on your PC. To develop software using FOVE, please use the FOVE SDK in addition. For Linux support (Ubuntu 20.04), installation is done via APT. Please see this article.

Optional Integrations

Steam VR Plugin

Updated : 2020-10-07

OSVR Plugin

Updated : 2017-03-18

While we recommend using content built specifically for the FOVE VR Platform, we have free compatibility plugins for SteamVR and OSVR, which enable FOVE0 to be used with software built for either platform. VR controllers are not supported, so only VR experiences designed for keyboard and mouse or gamepads will function. Additionally, gaze tracking is available in OSVR, but SteamVR does not support any kind of eye tracking.

Developer Downloads

Below is everything you need to start developing for FOVE. Because FOVE has its own software ecosystem that handles both VR and EyeTracking, we provide APIs that handle rendering, real time data access, state query, hardware enablement, etc.


The FOVE SDK has our complete API for C, C++, and C#. This is the lowest level way to interact with FOVE. Also included is a Python API for accessing real time eye tracking data, but
rendering is not supported.


Updated : 2021-03-26


for C

Updated : 2020-12-18

for C++

Updated : 2020-12-18

for Python

Updated : 2020-12-18


for C++*

Updated : 2020-08-13

for Python

Updated : 2019-12-06

*This repo contains several C++ examples demonstrating how to use the FOVE SDK to query eye tracking data, and to draw content to the FOVE headset using DirectX or OpenGL.

FOVE Unity Plugin

This is the recommended way to use FOVE for all but the most hardcore developers, because it's very easy to get started and to produce content. Note: NVIDIA Jetson platform is not supported by Unity..

FOVE Unreal Plugin

For developers using Unreal engine, our open source Unreal plugin has everything you need to render to the FOVE and to read the user's gaze and other metrics using either C++ or Blueprints.

View on GitHub

Updated : 2020-09-04

Important: You will see a 404 unless your GitHub account is part of the Unreal group. This is required for UE license compliance. Please sign up for a free account at and register your GitHub ID using these instructions.

Requires Unreal Engine 4.12 through 4.24. An example program is included in a branch of the same repo)

FOVE Hardware

Use this as a template to 3D print a new FOVEO case. We also support building custom FOVE setup dedicated to suit your environment. Please contact for details.

FOVE O Case.step

Updated : 2018-07-05


We are here to support you. Your success is our success, and we will navigate you all the way
through implementation of FOVE eye-tracking in your application.

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